2017 AGSA Calendar Photo Contest!!

We are now accepting submissions for the 2017 AGSA calendar! If you would like to submit a photo taken during fieldwork for the contest, please send an email to agsaatutsa@gmail.com with your: Name Email Brief description of the photo Please attach a high resolution photo to the email. We will send an email to notify … Continue reading 2017 AGSA Calendar Photo Contest!!


New Officers!

Results are in! Here are your 2016-2017 AGSA Officers! President: Victoria Ingalls Vice President: Kristin Corl Secretary: Jenn Torpie Treasurer/Fundraising Coordinator: Aley Villarreal Service Coordinator: Amanda Gagliano Workshop Coordinator: Brittney Hammons Website Coordinator: Kristen Supik Thanks to all the outgoing officers for their hard work and enthusiasm! We look forward to a great year for AGSA and the Department of Anthropology!


2014 UTSA Department of Anthropology Front row (left to right): Andrea Hernandez, Candace Skinner, Matthew Warren, Jessica Holguin, Leah McCurdy, Sebastian Salgado-Flores, Alex Antram, Carla Pezzia Second row: Carolyn Cochran, Steve Tomka, Sonia Alconini, Mike Cepek, Jamon Halvaksz, Bob Hard, Jill Fleuriet, Thad Bartlett, Jason Yaeger, Laura Levi, Deb Wagner Third/Fourth row: Mary Kelaita, Milena … Continue reading OUR DEPARTMENT!