Department Photo 2015



2014 UTSA Department of Anthropology Front row (left to right): Andrea Hernandez, Candace Skinner, Matthew Warren, Jessica Holguin, Leah McCurdy, Sebastian Salgado-Flores, Alex Antram, Carla Pezzia Second row: Carolyn Cochran, Steve Tomka, Sonia Alconini, Mike Cepek, Jamon Halvaksz, Bob Hard, Jill Fleuriet, Thad Bartlett, Jason Yaeger, Laura Levi, Deb Wagner Third/Fourth row: Mary Kelaita, Milena … Continue reading OUR DEPARTMENT!

Cheeky Monkey

Juvenile Male Black Howler Monkey at Xunantunich Archaeological Reserve in Belize. In part because their range is restricted to southeastern Mexico, Guatemala, and Belize, black howler monkeys (Alouatta pigra) are listed as endangered and threatened with extinction. Although a yellow fever epidemic previously extinguished many black howler monkey populations in Belize, this juvenile male and … Continue reading Cheeky Monkey

Screening on a Bucket

Screening is an integral part of archaeology, and can be a daunting job at times. For a lucky few, this task can be simplified with the right tools. James Chapman utilized a 5-gallon bucket for a more effective screening experience. Photo captured by Thomas Chapman. Featured in the 2014 AGSA Calendar.