Carla Pezzia



Research Interests: critical phenomenological approaches to the experience and recovery of mental illness and/or substance abuse; the psychological effects of violence in all its forms; access and barriers to mental health care throughout Latin America

Advisor: Dr. Jill Fleuriet

Degrees: B.A. University of North Texas (1998); MPH University of North Texas Health Science Center (2006)

Dissertation Topic: Shifts in identity amongst recovering alcoholics and addicts in the Western Highlands of Guatemala


Field C, Caetano R, Pezzia C. 2008. Process evaluation of serial screening criteria to identify injured patients that benefit from brief intervention: practical implications. Journal of Trauma 2008; 65: 736-740.

Pezzia C, Wallace T. 2008. The NC State University field school: Apprenticing ethnographic research in the Guatemalan Highlands. SfAA Newsletter 2008; 19(4): 17-19.

Pezzia C. 2009. One (not so straight) path to life as a medical anthropologist – Step two. SfAA Newsletter 2009; 20(1): 21-22.

Pezzia, C. 2006. Is an environmental health educational intervention sufficient to change behavior? Perceptions from an indigenous lake community in Guatemala. Master’s Thesis.



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