Matthew Warren


Doctoral Student MATTHEW WARREN

Research Interests: the Inka Empire, frontier interactions, colonialism, warfare, ethnogenesis, ancient states and empires, GIS and remote sensing in archaeology

Advisor: Dr. Sonia Alconini

Degrees: B.A. Anthropology, University of Washington (2009); B.A. Biology, University of Washington (2009); M.A. Anthropology, The University of Texas at San Antonio (2014)

Dissertation Topic: My dissertation research is broadly focused on the nature of Inka colonialism along the eastern frontier of their empire in central/eastern Bolivia, with a specific focus on a series of fortified and unfortified sites located along the Inka road system in agricultural valleys between the larger centers of Inkallajta and Samaipata. These sites likely served as strategic foci of localized imperial activity in a region threatened by the violent incursions of Guarani-speaking peoples from the adjacent lowlands, and understanding the complex relationship between the Inkas and local indigenous groups as the empire and its allies increasingly fortified and militarized the eastern frontier is the ultimate goal of my research.



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