Lynn Kim


Doctoral Student LYNN KIM

Research Interests: Andean region, complex societies, landscape, forms/types of power

Advisor: Dr. Sonia Alconini

Degrees: B.S. M.A.

Dissertation Topic: Inka Interactions in the Camata region


Kim, Lynn. 2008. El Poder Inca y los objetos de cerámica en la región de Oroncota. In El Inkario en los Valles del Sur Andino Boliviano: Los Yamparas entre la arqueología y ethnohistoria. BAR International Series, 5. Sonia Alconini, ed. Andrés D. Izeta, series ed. Pp. 77-84. Oxford: British Archaeological Reports.

Kim, Lynn. 2009. Modes of Interaction by the Tiwanaku Polity and the Inka Empire in the Charazani Region. Master Thesis, Anthropology Department, University of Texas at San Antonio, San Antonio.



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