Jason Roberts


Doctoral Candidate JASON ROBERTS

Research Interests: The socio-ecological effects of large-scale logging in Papua New Guinea

Advisor: Dr. Jerry Jacka

Degrees: B.S. in Forestry at North Carolina State University (2007); M.A. in Environmental Anthropology at North Carolina State University (2009)


Roberts, J. 2013. “‘What Are We Protecting Out Here?’ A Political Ecology of Forest, Fire, and Fuels Management in Utah’s Wildland-Urban Interface.” CNS 24(2): 58-76.

Roberts, J. 2014. “‘The Rich Go Higher’ : The Geography of Rural Development, Fire Management, and Environmental Justice Utah’s Wildland Urban Interface,” IN Working on Earth: The Intersection of Working-Class Studies and Environmental Justice. Jennifer Westerman and Christina Robertson, eds. Pp. 69-98. University of Nevada Press (In preparation).

Roberts, J. 2012. “‘You Can Outthink a Tree…But You Can’t Outrun It’: Ruminations on Nature, Culture, and Redevelopment.” Anthropologies 11.

Roberts, J. 2011. Review of Drawing Lines in the Forest: Creating Wilderness Areas in the Pacific Northwest. Kevin R. Marsh. University of Washington Press.  Environment and Society 2(1): 194-196.

Roberts, J. 2009 “‘The Rich Go Higher’: Performing Ethnographic Research in the Wildland-Urban Interface,” Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter, 20(2): 21-22.

Email: jason.roberts@utsa.edu


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