Jason Roberts


Doctoral Candidate JASON ROBERTS

Dissertation Topic: “We Live Like This”: Life, Logging, and the Continuing Pursuit of Development on New Hanover Island (Lavongai), Papua New Guinea.

Research Interests:

– The Political Ecology of Land Use and Land Change
– Symbolic Mechanisms Underpinning Rural Development and Market Integration Efforts
– Global Climate Change and Local Adaptation
– Ethnobotany and Ethnomedicine
– Social and Environmental Justice
– Remote Sensing and Geographic Information Systems
– Wildland Fire Management

Advisor: Jamon Halvaksz

Degrees: M.A. in Anthropology at North Carolina State University (2009); B.S. in Forestry at North Carolina State University (2007)


Roberts, J. 2018. “‘We Live Like This’: Local Inequalities and Disproportionate Risk in the Context of Extractive Development and Climate Change on New Hanover Island, Papua New Guinea.” Oceania 88(3). (Forthcoming).

Roberts, J. 2015. “‘The Rich Go Higher’: The Geography of Rural Development, Fire, and Environmental Justice in Utah’s Wildland Urban Interface,” IN Working on Earth: Class and Environmental Justice. Jennifer Westerman and Christina Robertson, eds., pp. 58-77. University of Nevada Press.

Elnakat, A., J.D. Gomez, J. Roberts, and M. Wright. 2015. “Big Data Analysis of Swimming Pools’ Impact on Household Electric Intensity in San Antonio, Texas.” International Journal of Big Data Intelligence 2(4): 250-261.

Roberts, J. 2013. “‘What Are We Protecting Out Here?’ A Political Ecology of Forest, Fire, and Fuels Management in Utah’s Wildland-Urban Interface.” Capitalism Nature Socialism 24(2): 58-76.

Roberts, J. 2012. “‘You Can Outthink a Tree…But You Can’t Outrun It’: Ruminations on Nature, Culture, and Redevelopment.” Anthropologies 11. http://www.anthropologiesproject.org/2012/02/you-can-outthink-treebut-you-cant.html

Roberts, J. 2011. Review of Drawing Lines in the Forest: Creating Wilderness Areas in the Pacific Northwest. Kevin R. Marsh. University of Washington Press. Environment and Society 2(1): 194-196.

Roberts, J. 2009 “Performing Ethnographic Research in the Wildland-Urban Interface,” Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter, 20(2): 21-22.

Email: jason.roberts@utsa.edu


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