Erik Marinkovich



Research Interests: My research interests are focused on the economic and social complexities of Maya lowland hinterland communities and their role in micro community and macro regional economies. I am specifically interested in the spatial arrangement of rural causeways and their use in the exchange of resources and the spatial organization of residential architecture in relation to productive resources and the dynamics of complex sociopolitical institutions. I intend to explore the role of causeways as conduits of market exchange linking the resource zones of highly dispersed populations in the periphery of centralized administrative centers. An understanding of interactions between these interdependent entities will allow for a clearer interpretation of sociopolitical and economic spheres of influence. I am also interested in investigating innovative ways of incorporating geochemical soil analyses of probable areas of centralized communal market exchange in an effort to identify ancient space-use patterns.

Advisor: Dr. Laura Levi

Degrees: BA in Anthropology from Humboldt State University (2015)