Brittney Hammons



Research Interests: Water and energy security, Climate Change Adaptation, Sustainable Development, Applied, engaged, and public anthropology, Alternative/Renewable Energy, Sustainable Water & Sanitation, Political Ecology, Subaltern Studies, Energy and Environment, Human Ecology, Urban Agriculture, Ecological and Environmental Anthropology, Sustainable Production and Consumption, Affect anthropology.

Dissertation/Thesis Topic: I am exploring how governments create policies of sustainability to respond to climate change, especially in terms of mitigating its effects on water and energy security and changing human-environment relationships. This necessitates a qualitative exploration of these experiences at localized levels, to construct solutions for increasing sustainable practices in water, energy, climate change, and environmental relationships that consider the complexity of these experiences as lived in different groups in society, rather than just through the global and governmental discourse surrounding sustainability in climate change.

Advisor: Dr. Laura Eichelberger

Degrees: B.A. Anthropology, UT Austin

Publications: Hammons, Brittney. Review of The Price of Thirst: Global Water Inequality and the Coming Chaos, by Karen Piper. Environment and Society 7, (September 1, 2016): 129-150. DOI:


Location of Research:Norway


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