Anna Penna

Penna_GradBioDoctoral Student Anna Penna

Advisor: Luca Pozzi

Degrees: BSc. Biology — University of Sao Paulo, Brazil; MSc. Genetics and Evolutionary Biology — University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Dissertation Topic: I am interested in the drivers of size evolution and diversification in Strepsirhine primates, particularly galagos and lemurs. My Ph.D. research integrates morphological, molecular, and ecological approaches based on data obtained in the field and museum collections. My research will use low-coverage whole genomes to test signatures of selection in candidate genes involved with the determination of body size and proportions.

Research Interests: Comparative and functional genomics, comparative methods, quantitative genetics, size evolution, adaptation, speciation, divergence with gene flow, phylogenetics, and biogeography.


Penna, A., Melo, D., Bernardi, S., Oyarzabal, M. I., & Marroig, G. (2017). The evolution of phenotypic integration: How directional selection reshapes covariation in mice. Evolution. doi:10.1111/evo.13304

Prates, I. Penna, A., Rodrigues, M.T., Carnaval, A. (2018). Local adaptation in widespread tropical species: Integrating population history and genome-environment associations. Ecology and Evolution. (In Press)


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