Will Pirkey

Doctoral Candidate WILL PIRKEY

Research Interests: Politics and Perceptions of Nature; Biodiversity Conservation; Ecotourism; Environmentalism and Environmental Justice; Environmental Epistemologies; and Critical Theory

Advisor: Jamon Halvaksz

Degress: B.A. Anthropology (2004); M.S.S. (2008), Univeristy of Colorado at Denver

Dissertation Topic: Collaboration and Hybridization in a Community-Based Conservation Area, Cayo, Belize


Pirkey, Will (Under review) Conflict and Collaboration in the Contact Zones of Environmentalisms: Hybridizing Discourse and a Political Ecology of Environmental Activism in the Upper Rio Grande Region. Capitalism, Nature, Socialism.

Pirkey, Will (2009). Public Anthropology and Anthropology in the Public: A Different Interpretation of “South Park”. Society for Applied Anthropology Newsletter 20(4): 26 -29.

Pirkey, Will (2008). An Encounter of Environmentalisms: The Transformation of Environmental Discourses and the Evolution of Activist Culture in San Luis, Colorado (Master’s Thesis). Denver, CO: University of Colorado at Denver.

Email: will.pirkey@utsa.edu


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