AGSA is an active and independent graduate student collaborative organization, committed to the development and promotion of exemplary research in all anthropological fields. AGSA represents anthropology and the interests of graduate students at departmental, university, national, and international levels. AGSA’s mission and goal is to enhance education and research by:

1) providing a forum to address questions and concerns central to the Anthropology graduate program;
2) facilitating communication and exchange between AGSA, UTSA academic departments, and other relevant research institutions;
3) strongly supporting research;
4) promoting the value of anthropological knowledge through collaboration, dynamic forums, and funding initiatives.

President: Kristin Corl 
Vice President: Alli Koch
Secretary: Aley Villarreal
Treasurer & Fundraising Coordinator: Chantelle Ruidant
Workshop Coordinator: Brittney Hammons
Service Committee Coordinator: Victoria Ingalls
Web Editor:
FACULTY ADVISOR Dr. Jamon Halvaksz

CONTACT US at agsaatutsa@gmail.com


2 thoughts on “About

  1. The new layout and design of the website looks great! Keep up the good work!
    (FYI – There do seem to be discrepancies in the times of our meetings posted here)

    1. Thanks Christian! I’ll check it out, still trying to get all the posts consistent between the google calendar, the listserv, facebook, and the website.
      ….also still looking for a new webmaster 🙂 …….if you happen to know anyone…..

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